Watsu Aquatic Therapy

Watsu Aquatic Therapy
Watsu Aquatic Therapy

Watsu (and its close cousin, Healing Dance) are gentle forms of body therapy performed in warm water (±35°C). They combine elements of massage, shiatsu, joint mobilisation, and stretching in a rhythmical, dance-like flow. The receiver floats on his or her back, face and nose out of the water, while being supported and gently moved through the water by the therapist.

Marilyn and Bill offer this treatment in the serenity and privacy of their specially designed, solar heated Watsu pool at Tikapa Moana EcoSpa Retreat. It is the first spa facility in New Zealand that has watsu as its focus.

A typical watsu treatment  lasts for approximately one hour.  Moments of stillness alternate with flowing movements: freeing one’s body in ways impossible on land. The water creates a weightless environment, allowing for the experience of a pain-free treatment. The deeply relaxing effects of the warm water give the body more range of motion and flexibility, freeing the spine, joints and muscles in a way that is unique to Watsu.

Watsu and Healing Dance are widely practiced world-wide in spas, physiotherapy clinics and rehabilitation centres, and are now gaining momentum in New Zealand.

   Advanced Healing Dance training

    Isola d'Ischia, Italy (May 2010)

Watsu Aquatic Therapy
        Marilyn receiving "Swing"
     from Kobi in Tikapa Moana pool


The effects include a very gentle but deep physical stretching, as well as the release of any muscle and joint restrictions. Watsu creates increased mobility and a blissful state of relaxation. This encourages a release of tension and emotional stress.  Many receivers have thus experienced renewed clarity around decision making and life choices.

Watsu is safe, beneficial and revitalising for people of all ages and in all states of health. It is particularly helpful for arthritis, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, back/neck pain and mobility issues. Each treatment is designed to address the particular needs and limitations of the recipient.

We especially enjoy offering joint sessions for couples. Watsu is as joyful to give as it is to receive.

Watsu Aquatic Therapy
Bill receiving a Healing Dance session with Inika
Watsu Aquatic Therapy
      Moment of stillness at the end of a session
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