wicked baby dragon
  1. Bird watching:
    At Miranda Shorebird Centre - just 12 minutes drive (50 min. cycling).
  2. Sea Kayaking:
    Kayaks available for hire on site. Scenic & calm coastal waters.
  3. Tramping:
    The beginning of a vast network of tracks in Waharau Regional Park is just 5 minutes from here.
  4. Cycling:
    Mountain biking in the park, spectacular scenery for touring along the peaceful Pacific Coast Highway from Papakura, and the new dedicated National Cycleway, with the Hauraki Rail Trail section starting at Kaiaua and connecting with the many existing and evolving links through the Coromandel and right down to the far south of the country.
  5. Coastal and forest ecology:
    Self-guiding nature trail in the regional park; shellbank and famous Chenier plain at Miranda Sanctuary; estuarine and migratory birds, fishes, shellfish; migratory marine mammals (especially Bryde's whales, orcas and dolphins).
  6. Fishing for snapper, kahawai and flounder from small kayaks & trailer boats & charter boats, also around mussel farm; shellfish gathering; surf casting.
  7. Miranda Hot Springs:
    The largest geothermal outdoor pool in the Southern Hemisphere set in the wide open spaces of the Seabird Coast, not far from the main wader roosts and tramping trails.
  8. Swimming & sun bathing on beautiful beaches (Tapapakanga and Tawhitokino, and many little hidden ones)
  9. Unique local souvenir shopping:                                                  The world famous "Here Be Dragons" pottery shop. Wilma and Noel create the most imaginative and whimsical dragons in many styles and sizes (and they will even pack and ship them for you to anywhere in the world).    The Miranda Shorebird Centre for everything about our local migratory birds.  Gifts for all ages, and an extensive array of all the latest books on birds, coastal ecology and conservation.
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