Our stall at the Saturday morning Pine Harbour Fresh Market at Beachlands

Bill & Marilyn with some of the traditional dancers at September 2016 Slovacku District Grape Harvest Festival (Czech Republic) during visit to our friends (and past wwoofers) Jana and Radek.

Bill and Marilyn wedding
Marilyn and Kea
Bill and Maya

Marilyn was born, raised and married in New Plymouth (NZ) in the shadow of Mt. Taranaki, and raised three children there (Paula, Rodney and Murray) with her previous husband, Peter. She started working in pharmacies upon leaving school, focusing on alternative health options in that field. Once the children left home she moved to the Coromandel and continued her training in natural health practices at Wellpark College, Mana Integrative Therapy and Watsu aquatic body work. After a period of ill health, she was blessed to discover her natural abilities in various aspects of natural/spiritual healing, and is now a practicing Bio Energy therapist. She has three grandchildren, aged 6, 4 and 2.

Bill was born on the St. Lawrence River in New York (USA) by the Canadian border. In this photo Maya and Bill are helping daughter Holly celebrate her 43rd birthday. Holly lives in Connecticut, USA and is an independent consultant focusing on alternative transport and energy conservation.

Bill was one of the first wave of President Kennedy’s Peace Corps Volunteers (in Bolivia, 1962-64). He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1967, and received his MSc. from Cornell University in 1970. He then spent 15 years working in international development in coastal fishing communities in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Indian Ocean islands.

He immigrated to Whitianga, New Zealand in 1984, working as an oyster farmer, tertiary education tutor and garden centre owner/operator, and bought the Tikapa Moana property at Waharau (Kaiaua) in 1997. From 1998 to 2009, Bill was the driving force behind the successful “Muddy Feet” Firth of Thames Ecosystem Project. In 1997 he founded the EcoQuest field centre for integrated studies in ecology and resource management at Kaiaua. He started doing Watsu training in 2004.

Bill and Marilyn met in 2004 through their mutual love of the watsu practice, which has taken them on two training adventures to California and one to Italy. In August/September 2016 they made an epic journey to Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and France to visit 13 old friends (mostly past wwoofers at Tikapa Moana). In this photo they are making a short (2 days), but very sweet, connection with Shanghai on the way from Auckland to Frankfurt.

They live and breathe the lifestyle they have created at Tikapa Moana Eco Spa Retreat, and constantly give thanks for the abundant harvests and wairua (spirit) of the land and sea and fresh air around them.

Their mission is to provide a place of peace and tranquillity where health and healing can take place on many levels for many people. The vision of “Healthy people, Healthy communities, Healthy environment” is central to their philosophy of oneness, which depends on being non-judgmental and recognising the inherent goodness and equalityof all beings.

Bill at Cattle Flat, upper Dart River - tramping the Rees-Dart track in Mt. Aspiring National Park, April 2016

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