We (Bill and Marilyn) are sad to be leaving Tikapa Moana Eco Spa Retreat set in our subtropical organic orchard on the tranquil Seabird Coast, just a one hour drive southeast of Auckland on the scenic route to the Coromandel Peninsula.

Our place is nestled between the magestic Coromandel and Hunua Ranges, on the sparsely populated western shore of Tikapa Moana (Firth of Thames), serviced by the lightly travelled and picturesque Pacific Coast Highway that follows the coast of the North Island (Auckland to East Cape). This is also the preferred entry point for cyclists targeting all or parts of the (mainly off-road) National Cycleway, with the Hauraki Rail Trail section starting just 6 km south of us.


Our Ecolodge is now closed due to our big move to Kerikeri on December 4, at which time Sione, Gemma and Katene will become the new kaitiaki of this magical place. They will be making some big changes in the life of their family and in the ways in which the wairua of this whenua is engaged. We look forward to assisting them in the new initiatives they will be undertaking. In the photo to the left, Bill, Marilyn, Sione and Gemma are having (on November 19) our last of many meetings together on the property before the Dec. 4 handover. So, now, for both families it is all hands on deck to pack up everything in preparations for the 2 big shifts, and the start of two exciting new chapters!

Orchard Casimiroa Tree Marilyn


The patio of our new house, off Wharau Road in Kerikeri. The estuary and our barn in the background. We are aiming to move in on December 4. We will be continuing to grow subtropical fruits and succulent vegetables at our new 2 acre property that boasts rich free-draining coastal soils. We will also be doing a lot more fishing, kayaking, diving and playing with the 4 grandchildren (and continuing to connect at least once a year with other places and friends far beyond our tranquil shores). And continuation of the Watsu practice? (watch this space)


NEWS Update - November 2017 ... We (Bill, Marilyn and Maya) have decided that after more than 20 years of great challenges, immense creativity, enriching people experiences and a wonderful productive and highly sustainable lifestyle here in Waharau, it is time for a change ... new friends, a new part of the country, and new ways of meeting the unique challenges facing us as individuals and as a country ... and planet ... as 2017 fades into 2018 and beyond.

We have sold our awesome earthy, organic place here, and have bought another on the Kerikeri Inlet in the Bay of Islands ... a very different, very modern house, but in a very similar rural, forested, seaside environment, close to a very vibrant country town. 

Our timing has just proven to be impeccable: our country has also just made an historic choice ... to adopt a fairer, more representative system of government, and to be more responsible in terms of how we meet the immense challenges of rampant climate change here at home and in the world around us. As our new Prime Minister and her Deputy each told the country on October 19 (the 100th anniversary of Bill's mother Deanie's birth), the brand of capitalism that has been driving New Zealand for the past 9 years has not actually been beneficial to the majority of New Zealanders, and the focus needs to change. With a progressive government leading the way, we now can look forward to playing an active role in helping our country to become more equitable, more environmentally sustainable, more tolerant, and creating more opportunities for our people to work in creative & supportive enterprises, to be paid a comfortable living wage, and to be able to own a decent house.

We are keen to rise to that challenge, and also to inspire others to get on board the train of positive, people-focused action, and to continue challenging the bigger, more economically powerful countries we share this planet with to act more responsibly in the management of our collective ecological footprint.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to come together as one people to work for the common good, in the spirit of Barak Obama's "Yes we can" of 9 years ago, and Jacinda Ardern's "Let's do this" of today.  We desperately hope that Jacinda will receive far greater support for this initiative than did Barak in his 8 years at the helm of a very troubled and divided country.

Changing of the Guard at Tikapa Moana: New owners Sione, Gemma and Katene (far left) meeting the Pukekereru Lane neighbours on October 21. Also in photo: Steve, Lindsey, Hunter, Ria, Kiri, Wendy, Marilyn, Tony, Ann and Maya.

We wish Sione, Gemma and Katene immense success in the creation of their great new family homestead here, starting in early December.

Gemma making her first attack on the vege garden in anticipation of early summer bounties.

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